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IPL Super Hair Reduction
How is SHR IPL hair reduction different?
SHR technology is a breakthrough innovation in IPL treatments.  The difference between IPL SHR and other IPL machines is that SHR scans the treatment area with up to 10 flashes per second.  This gradually heats the targeted area for painless hair reduction, instead of high intensity shots that can cause discomfort, experienced with traditional IPL.
Is SHR IPL hair reduction suitable for me?
Treatments are suitable for a wide range of skin types and hair colours.  Your clinician will discuss your expected results during your consultation.
How many treatments will I need?
This depends on your individual hair type.  Most clients require 8-10 sessions to achieve optimum results though hair will reduce and become finer with each treatment.  For some, maintenance treatments may be required to achieve a lifetime of smooth skin. This will depend on a range of factors, which your clinician will discuss during consultation.
How long do I have to wait between treatments?
Treatments must be conducted at regular intervals.  These vary depending on the area being treated.  As an example, the face may be treated at 2-4 week intervals, while the chest, back and legs may be treated every 8 weeks.
What can I expect after my SHR IPL session?
Facial hair will take 7-10 days to fall out while body hair may take 2-3 weeks.  Individual results will depend on your skin type, hair coarseness and natural growth cycle.  You clinician will be able to provide more information on what you can expect based on your individual situation during your consultation. 
IPL Skin Rejuvenation
What is IPL skin rejuvenation?
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin rejuvenation is a light-based aesthetic treatment that actively targets and reduces skin irregularities to promote a clearer, younger and healthier complexion.
How does it work?
IPL works by applying rapid light pulses of variable wavelengths to the treatment area.  The light is absorbed by the targeted chromophores (such as melanin in pigmentation or freckles).  This light is then converted into heat energy which destroys the targeted area through controlled thermal damage, while ensuring surrounding healthy tissue remains untouched.
Is it painful?
No, you will feel a sensation throughout the treatment but it is not painful.  We will take care to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible.
How many treatments will i need?
This will vary depending on the severity of your skin concern,  Some may require a single treatment, while others will require ongoing treatments to achieve the best possible results.  Your therapist will discuss the expected number of treatments, along with expected results during your consultation.
Is there any downtime after treatments?
No, Unlike other skin-corrective treatments, IPL skin rejuvenation requires no downtime so you are free to get on with your day as usual.  Some temporary redness may occur, but this will pass soon enough.  We will advise you on the necessary post-treatment care to follow during your session.
Are the results long lasting?
Most clients enjoy long-lasting results following their IPL skin rejuvenation program.  To ensure optimal skin health and clarity for the long run, a maintenance treatment can be performed if necessary.
LED Light Therapy 
How does Bio-SynthesisTM LED treatment work?
The Bio-SynthesisTM light activated rejuvenation system utilises high intensity light emitting diodes (LED's) ranging from red, yellow, green and blue to gently and painlessly stimulate the skin to help reduce acne and hyperpigmentation and the detoxify and increase skin firmness.  Your skin therapist will further enhance your results by applying the Hyaluronic Light Rejuvenation Masque and bT-CeuticalsTM skin care to help nourish your skin with state of the art anti-ageing skin care ingredients.
Who can benefit from Bio-SynthesisTM LED treatment?
Bio-SynthesisTM light activated rejuvenation treatments are proven to work on all skin types.
How many treatments are required before I can see results?
To achieve optimal results we recommend 6-8 sessions.
Can Bio-SynthesisTM LED treatments be combined with other skin care and services?
Yes, Bio-SynthesisTM LED treatments can be undertaken either as a standalone service or combined with other skin care treatments.  Please ask your skin therapist for more information. 
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