specialised skin treatments

Enzyme Treatment - Your skins’ gym workout!                                                                    75mins $145

This unique speciality mask contains enzymes which are activating proteins that consume dead cell matter within the skin resulting in a much healthier, radiant looking complexion. The mask exercises facial muscles, opens up the vascular system and brings new oxygen to the skin cells, encouraging the formation of fresh collagen and elastin production. It will instantly rejuvenate, tighten, tone, firm and brighten the skin. Danné Enzyme treatments will restore your skin to function optimally. When your skin is functioning properly it will instantly look and feel its best.


Enzyme and Removal Treatment                                                                          90-120mins from $180

Combines the benefits of the Enzyme mask plus a resurfacing treatment (strength is tailored to your skin condition) to deeply remove hardened dead cells. Various removal methods can be used even helping to treat sensitive skins suffering from rosacea – the peel and enzyme treatment will actually strengthen fragile capillaries as well as increasing oxygenation for tissue regeneration and repair.

Other conditions that will greatly benefit include – acne, thickened and congested skins, dehydration, sluggish and dull skin, flaking, fine lines and premature ageing.

Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel Package                                                                                                         $1500

Are you ready for new skin? Experience dramatic results with the Danné Pro Alpha 6 Layer Peel. Refines fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pigmentation, sun damage and ageing skin, smooths off dry dead skin helping to reveal a youthful, healthier skin underneath. You will notice a visibly renewed appearance, tighter and fresher looking complexion.

Package includes:
• Danné Skin care pack – cleanser, herb & mineral mist, moisturiser and sunblock
• Danné Retosin Vitamin A resurfacing treatment lotion
• Danné Vitamin C serum
• Danné Essential Fatty Acid supplements x120 capsules
• Application of peel treatment x 2 visits, on consecutive days
• Enzyme skin treatment 7-10 days post peel application

PLEASE NOTE: A minimum of one Enzyme Treatment is required (no longer than one month prior) before this treatment can be performed.

Transdermal Nutrition Treatment                                                                                                 1hr $100

Customised relaxation facial which utilise the delivery system to get active ingredients to the target area.  With a paramedical removal and mask to hydrate, protect and restore the natural balance of the skin.

Have 5 treatments over a period of 10 weeks, & receive a 6th treatment absolutely FREE!